Clément Balavoine©Product Visualization Lead at Meta


Filmed entirely with a drone, Ashore is a short visual journey following Pierre, an interplanetary explorer with the mission to prospect a newly discovered exoplanet that features traits similar to planet Earth. Guided by Tessa from the space station, together they will find something unexpected.

The Raven Hamcus

A visual tale inspired by Don Quixote's pursuit to become a heroic symbol, during which he has lost his sanity ending up fighting windmills; here the Raven finds himself facing giant satellite dishes and intangible entities in a never ending lonely fight...

Scavengers Hamcus

The story follows two scavengers: a botanist and a geologist traveling the system to explore uninhabited planets. During their restless journey, they hope to find rare resources that will help their revolution against an oppressive regime back on their native planet. But they will face numerous hostile environments that will make their hunt difficult...

Evangelion Tribute

"The Second Child" is a small passion project created as a tribute to the fantastic anime created by Hideaki Anno. Built alongside Alexandre Ferra, the project focuses on Asuka, the fearless yet vulnerable character that opposes Shinji personality.

Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is the successor to the incredibly successful Oculus Quest all in one virtual reality headset, improving on the product and experience in almost every way while simultaneously being more affordable. The Quest 2 was announced on October 13, 2020 as part of Facebook Connect 8.

Death Stranding

3 weeks ago, I totally switched my workflow and started to learn C4D and Redshift... As I was learning new things, I decided to build a fun passion project to keep me on tracks: A Death Stranding project, because, well, since the first trailer back in 2016, I’ve been amazed by the intricate characters, story, and world building in the upcoming game led by the legend Hideo Kojima.

Blade Runner

This project illustrates he story of Samira, a replicant that is now targeting eminent executives from the Tyrell Corporation to steal and use their data to infiltrate and destroy their date base, events happening a few months earlier before Black Out 2022.

Adidas Originals

The two short videos follow two urban explorers in quest to find the perfect spot to photograph. Commissioned by adidas Originals, the story was crafted to promote a very limited edition NMD and was shot in different locations in New York City.

Neuro Studio

Led by Clement Balavoine and Janis Sne, Neuro Studio is a Fashion House and Creative Agency based in New York. In addition to creating its own collection, Neuro Studio provides services to a range of clients within the realm of Fashion, Video Game, Advertising and Film.