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Digital-first fashion house Neuro Studio presents its second 3D collection, SOLVENTUS 2019, which features sustainably made, highly functional technical clothing.

Each piece is made for the buyer only once they’ve ordered, and until then exists exclusively digitally — creating a zero-waste system.

SOLVENTUS 2019 is the byproduct of a year spent pushing the limits of 3D softwares and engineering — a year in which Neuro’s team was dedicated to improving and streamlining their digital process.

Models were 3D scanned to study their motion and heat maps, which enabled Neuro’s designers to not only obtain each model’s precise measurements, but also to design garments directly onto each model’s digital avatar — drawing shapes and selecting materials dependent on data collected from their movements and heat maps.

The future-forward collection depicts activist engineers who’ve claimed a desolated solar farm as their sanctuary far away from the polluted city they’ve abandoned. In their headquarters, the engineers work together to create a blueprint that will finally bring harmony between humanity and nature.

The collection’s garments embody this futuristic vision using cutting-edge technologies like 3D modeling and 3D printing to design, promote and sell clothes without stitching a shred of fabric - making the process fully digital from ideation to purchase.

The line includes tights and pants that follows every movement, jackets and coats that work with - not against - increased body heat during rigorous activity, all-terrain footwear with seamless structure, sleek yet convertible hats and anoraks, breathable tops with durable pockets, quick release straps featuring FIDLOCK® buckles, and more.

SOLVENTUS 2019’s garments feature recycled fabrics and a color palette that’s almost exclusively shades of jet-black charcoal, with a dash of neo mint. Its stretch and knitwear garments utilize ventilation system to keep heat out and provide flexibility and breathability to optimize motion. For colder conditions, Neuro’s cold-weather fabrics use a cutting-edge yarn, designed and stitched to contain body heat and provide warmth.

Neuro Studio has built their methodology around one idea: The same 3D file created during the design phase will be used to promote, sell and produce a garment.

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