Clément Balavoine©Product Visualization Lead at Meta

Who doesn’t like a badass replicant?

Here is a small project I put together to force myself to get way way out of my comfort zone as I try a more radical style. Inspired by the gorgeous brand Fleet Ilya and one of my favorite franchise Blade Runner, I decided to merge things in my mind and do a bit of character + environment design with a different approach. I recreated some of Fleet Ilya amazing pieces in Clo3d/Marvelous Designer and played around in 3ds Max/Octane. I also wanted to show my admiration for Oozy Tattoo, reusing his sick illustration inked on @b.liew

This project illustrates he story of Samira, a replicant that is now targeting eminent executives from the Tyrell Corporation to steal and use their data to infiltrate and destroy their date base, events happening a few months earlier before Black Out 2022.

the scenes
Behind the scenes